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1982 Collector edt. Corvette

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Well ive been back and forth about this car and I can't decide so i will see if anyone is interested.

This car is a 1982 Collector Edt. Corvette. It is a all original (Fresh paint) 23k mile car. It has a family history and i am the third owner. The car has recently been painted by a professional and been restripped with all oem stripes. All the stripes were purchased new with the car just incase it was ever damaged( the stripes on the doors are no longer produced by GM but pheonix Graphix makes the knock off, these are oem)over 800 in stripes alone not counting cost of paint(the car was not wrecked nor in bad condition but had spider cracks on the nose and rear fenders), had nos(New old stock) seat covers 8 shade leather, egr valve, heater core, and misc vacum hoses under the engine bay. This car is mint for a 20+year old car. Everything on the car works and it has all the options including the cover for the back hatch. The car has the original rpo code sheet and was built in Bowlingreen, ky. I am trying to get the rep to come and have it certified for the corvette association. I would like to see offers and will accept or entertain reasonable offers. Not really interested in a trade mostly just out right buy.
I was told to list a price so i will start out at $15,000. I will look at offers.

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bump for today
honestly I would keep the car for a few more years...the 3rd generation vettes are steadily increasing in value now.

bump for a nice vette
underhood looks more like 123,000 miles
Bump.....thanks jb i guess that what a vette that is all original( nothing but stock, if it didnt need to be replace it wasn't replaced) I am not going to go and start spray painting shit under the hood and trying to replace original parts with some new stuff! The freakin tires are even the stock ones.
hold on to it chris....its a beautiful car and the price for it will keep rising
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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