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Hey everyone I need cash bad! :read: I chose to sell one of the only things that has any value that I own, my SFBD chevy. Im not selling this because I lost interest or anything like that. Im selling it purely because I need money for bills that have acquired. here is all the info

1989 Chevy extended cab fleetside long bed (truck is in AZ but can be delivered for the right price)
4" stock floor body drop frame built by me. Stock floor is 2x4x.250 from front to rear of cab. The stock frame from the back of the cab to the notch is plated with .250 and the notch and backhalf are 2x4x.250 tubing
notch/back half set up for 22s with be meats
454BB 130k NO tranny
It has all the interior it is just not installed. its actually sitting inside of it.
has NO wiring harness or plumbing of any kind
All the chassis work was done by me, the frame is all setup, has a ART airbar out back without a panhard or upper bag mounts.
I have a 9in body dropped bed but its junk and if you want it the bed is in ohio
The front has ART lowers with bags on shreader valves for moving.
Firewall is tubed out for 24s and tranny tunnel is raised and finished all the way threw the whole cab.

asking 2000obo

Here is the most current up to date picture i have of it.


Here is one of it in shop at school before i did the frame horns. Also that bed is the junker bed with the 9in BD, and just so you know its sitting on the frame without any bed mounts thus the reason its not aligning with anything, its just sitting on the ground

I have a million pictures of the build up, I can post something if you have a specific thing you wanna see. What sucks is i dont have any good finished shots of anything just all during the process.
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