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1990 C1500 Scottsdale currently stock everything 305 5 speed, bough a newer reliable car so now can really start to break her open and get her going. this is my first real pick-up


make a fun weekend rider/daily driver building a 383 10-ish compression so it will run on pump gas. swapping Ford 9 inch rear for traction and 3/4 drop for style redoing all interior and exterior paint, a decent sound system with 2 10 inch pioneers and amplifier and door poppers with shaved door kit. Color scheme is Purple with black, chrome and Lime Green trim.


Build a cool race style truck that is street-able but still have some speed when i wanna jump on it or do burn outs.


So far not much has been done since money has been tight with new car payment and building a motorcycle simultaneously This pay check should be the start of a lot of progress.

So here is my bough two 350 Chevy motors for about $200 thanks to CraigsList, supposedly out of a local race car/circuit car. At tear down i had two completely different engine, one a 4-Bolt main completely stock except a flat tapped cam from Comp-cams. The other was a 2-Bolt main with roller rockers and Corvette intake, that's all i know so far because for my truck I am going to need a 4-Bolt main.

Originally i was going to do a 350 Nitrous build, before i got a new car, thinking that if i use NOS i could run a decent gas mileage and still have some giddy-up when i went to the local race spots and highways. After speaking with a machine shop he advised that he could build a wicked 383 stroker that will be quick and fun to drive but still within a budget and not have to worry about tuning or race fuel. he advised to get a aluminum heads with full roller rockers and screw-in 7/16 studs, roller hydraulic cam and performance intake. And so it will begin this week as i get paid. he will take the engine and $100 clean it and look it over make sure its a usable block. Since this is my first build i am going to end up paying him to do the short block, i am man enough to know thats beyond my capability at this time and don’t wanna waste money and time, this time.

So i completely tore down the interior, ripped out the vinyl flooring and wiped down as much dust and grim i could. Of course many dash panels and door panels were damages and broken so i am going to have to take a trip down to the local junk yard and try to get replacements. The damaged parts are the dash core, driver side rear A-pillar, back panel, both arm rests and ,top panel. The core and drive pillar are salvageable with some minor repairs the biggest being a broken piece off the glove box area and mounting hole on the drive side of the core. Other then that there are some minor cracking that i am repairing with plastic epoxy, fiberglass and some metal shims. The back panel and top rear panel are un-useable and need to be replaced, arm rests need to be cleaned but should be salvageable.

The headline was shot and going to need replacing, there was dust and inches or dirt/sand everywhere, as well as some bubbling and rush forming in the door jams and front passenger side corner by the heater core. The plan is by the end of the summer to have the trim pieces cleaned fixed and painted, going to replace the heater core completely( since the dash is out already), run the wiring for the amp and door popper kit and sand down the rust and prep for paint.

For seats I`ve been debating either re-upholster the bench seat, or go with bucket seats and console, will be installing heat/sound insulation and a new purple carpet. I got two ten inch Pioneers and Amplified all attached to a Pioneer head unit and replaced all the interior speakers. After all the trim pieces are tracked down or fixed they will be painted and reinstalled, all wiring will be cleaned and reinstalled.

The exterior will be sanded, dents taken out and re painted purple with lime green some where. The hood will be replaced for a scooped hood, grill will upgraded to a billet grill. I got a custom Ford 9 inch rear coming with Detroit Locker Ham, 20 inch rims and a lower kit 3/4 or 3/5 most likely. All shocks and springs will be replaced with after market lowering springs for stability, but i am unsure if i will be with leaf or coil overs.

The engine will be a rebuilt 383 stroker retrofit carbureted engine with (hopefully) T-56 six speed transmission. I am hoping to have a Dominator street/strip carburetor. I am trying to limit the amount of chrome so only the heads, air filter and maybe some accessories will be chromed. The engine itself will be painted lime green and the bay will be painted purple to make a nice conductive color scheme and the chrome parts should really stand out. I will make a better blue print once i get my block machined and make sure its usable

The bed is relatively going un-touch as far as mods go, a spray in bed liner and retractable “D’ style tie downs, metal bed rails and, bed lighting.















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