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1993 GMC Sierra Build

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Bought it with a bunch of ugly stuff on it, as you can see. Plans are to make this a really nice and clean looking weekend driver, that I would also not be afraid to get dirty. So far I have took off all the "stick on" parts except for the visor and chrome rockers (I like them, leave me alone about it).

I plan to lift it, restore it to look like new, nice and clean is the plan, with some extra details, and to swap in a mild built LS1 hooked up to a 4L80.

Of course, nothing ever goes right. I started off finding LOTS of rust, more than I expected. The tailgate never worked just right, so that needs to be replaced. I need a new bed because the rust and dent is too much work, when I could just fix that by replaceing the whole thing. I had a really bad misfire issue, but got that solved. Exhaust shop F'd up big time, but I changed it for now.

Now, for some photo's.

This is how she looked when I got her. Stick on parts, and just ugly.

The other side. Ugly bumper, stick on parts. Just tacky. Needs some body work also.

Ugly bug shield. That was soon gone.

After getting her, I picked up a KN air filter.

Next up was the running boards. They were taken off, and I got rid of them.

Then I moved, so everything go put on hold for a week or so.

Right after I moved, the truck started to run kinda crappy. So, I pulled the spark plugs out, and replaced with NGK V-Powers. Truck run's way better now.

Then I took off the racerback. Truck looks 100 times better with out it. Then I took her over to the grandparents to wash her up.

Then I get home, and feel really board. So I make this..

3inch intake system. Coasted me about 15 dollars, tops! Really helps up getting the truck moving, and sounds way better when I stomp on it.

Then I took off the front plate holder, and the door badges since mine were wore out and looked pretty sick.

How she sit's now. Yes, I know it's muddy.

Exhaust not in my fender

CB installed

K40 Fiberglass whip installed
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Some other work I did..

Did some one off stuff. I never have seen Camo Visor's, and I got this idea from the thread over at FSC about the Camo headliner.

My mom is so cool, she sewed them up for me. But, she needs to finish the other one for me.
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