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This is my 1995 Chevy, My Grampa Bought It For Me When I Was 15 For My First Truck. It Had 85,000 Miles & Bone Stock.


First Thing I Did Was Took That Topper Off Because I'm Not A Big Fan Of Toppers Especially Step Sides, I Had Bought Some Brand New 285-75-16 Fierce Attitude Mud Terrains At Grismer Tire (Had Them Installed That Weekend)


Bought A Rear chrome Bumper Off My One Of My Friends, That I Had To Make Some Custom Brackets To Mount To The Rear Frame Rails.


Did The Head Liner And Door Panels In Realtree Duck Cloth With Spray Adhesive.


Put A Chrome Bull Guard On The Front, That I Had To Fab Some Brackets Up To Get It To Work!


Had The Windows Tinted 35% All The Way Around, Had A Flow Master 40 Series Installed, & Put 1.25" Wheel Spacers In The Front & 2" In The Back. Which Gave It A Really Mean Look. Put In A JVC Head Unit And All New Speakers. Tinted The Tail Lights. When I was Finally All Done, I Went And Got My License.


So I Rocked This Style For A While.


Got A New Sticker (Which Lasted A Day Because I accidently Threw A Log Through It)


Rocked This Look For About 5 Months Then Thought About Lifting It, Not To High Though. Couple Weeks Went By And After Gathering All My Information About Lifts, I Found Out That Its GO BIG or GO HOME. So Straight Axle Swap It Was.


I Started To Search For Axles I Wanted A Corp 14 Bolt In The Rear, And A Dana 60 For The Front. When I Found Out How Much Money A Dana 60 Was, I Started To Re-Think My Front Axle, So I went With A Dana 44 Out Of A 3/4 Ton Ford.

So I Eventually Picked Up My Axles: 1975 Corp 14 Bolt Out Of 3/4 Ton Chevy.


Brought It Home Changed The Gear Oil, And Started Cleaning It Up For Paint.


Installed Some New Drum Brakes And Painted It With P.O.R.15, And Painted The Diff And Drums With Hi-Temp Red Paint.


A Couple More Months Go By And I'm Looking For A Front Axle, I find One In Indiana, So We Made The Trip And Picked Up A 1979 Ford 250 Dana 44 High Pinion Axle, That Has Been Rebuilt With 4.10s, New Brakes, Moog Ball Joints, New Axle Seals & New Warn Lockouts. I Got A Steal On This Axle. Only Thing I Did Was Paint To Match The Rear. Now That I Have My Axles I'm Ready For Other Parts. So I Start Searching And Picking Up Deals Here And There. Here Are Some Of The Things I Have Already.


Couple Months Went By & My Junkie 10 Bolt Finally Blew Up On Me. It Had Rounded The Pinion Completely Round.



Well Why Buy A New Ring And Pinion, When I'm Getting Ready To Do A SAS And Have A Perfectly Good 14 Bolt Sitting Right Here. So That Night We Tore The 10 Bolt Out, Moved The Perches Out Farther On The 14 Bolt, Rigged Up Some Brake Lines. The Next Mourning I Went And Made Some U-Bolts At A Local Shop A Friend Of Mine Owns, & Got a U-Joint With 3/4 Ton Caps For The Pinion End & 1/2 Ton Caps For The Drive Shaft End, And We Were Back On The Road.


Truck Hit 100,000 Miles.


I Was Looking For A Bench Seat For The Front And Finally Found A Guy Who Wanted To Trade Captain Chairs For A Bench Seat. So We Did The Swap And I Bought A Custom Sub Box With Two 10" Rockford Fosgate p3s And A 800 Watt Amp.


Ran All The Wires Under The Carpet Then Put The Bench Seat Back In.


To See The SAS & More Watch: 1995 Chevy 1500 Part: 2

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Ok, now we're talking.

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Sounds like a nice buy but the picture doesn't work...

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1995 Chevy 1500 Part: 2

Well The Day Finally Came, Today Is The Last Day The Chevy Sits On IFS Suspension.


Backing Her Into The Garage.


Tear Down Begins With The Front.


Started Taking Out A-Arm Bolts, Dropping Transaxle, Taking Off Tie Rods & Tie Rod Ends



While I was Working On The SAS I Got A Little Distracted And I Decided To Go With Some Long Tube Headers, Straight Pipes, With Two Cherry Bomb Glass Packs & Then Two Turn Downs To Have It Dump At The End Of The Cab.


After About 3 Hours We Have A Pile Of Scrap Metal.


My Dana 44 Tall Steering Arm With Stud Kit & 4" Pitman Arm Drop Came In The Mail From (


Got The 4" Pitman Arm Drop Put On The Steering Box.


There Is No Turning Back Now.


I Started Fabricating A Spring Hanger For The Front & I Know I wanted 15"-16" Of Lift OverAll, And I Had A 10" Spring So I Went With A Piece Of 4x4x38 Square Tubing And Started Fabing Up Some Hangers.



Getting Everything Straight And Even Before Tacking It All Together.


The Front Rear Spring Hangers Are Off The Rear Front Hangers On A 1985 1/2 Ton Chevy, They Ended Up Sticking Off The Frame About A 1/4" Too Far So I Cut Off The Part Where It Was Factory Riveted On To Your Frame, Smoothed Off The Edges On The Spring Hanger, Welded It With Reinforcements To A 1/4" Piece Of 5"x5" Plate Steel Then Bolted It And Welded It To The Frame.

Ready To Be Tacked Up!


All Tacked Up Everything Is Lined up So Its Time To Fully Welded It All Out.



All Welded Out So Now Its Time To Place The Axle In And Make Sure Everything Bolts Up Right.



Shackles Lined Up And Fit In Good, Have To Check My Shackle Angle. There Is No Weight On The Truck Right Now.



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May be safe to say the forum is about to implode due to the fact your first posts are of SFA'ing your truck. Looks good.

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That thing is going to be huge!
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