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i have a 96 tahoe recently my 4wd stoped working, all lights on the push button switch are OFF if i press them nothing happens except when i put it in neutral the when i press the 4wd you can hear the tccm clicking if i press 4 low it will engage, so just for the hell of it i started looking at the wiring and found a problem on top of the transfer case on the transfer case switch the wires were exposed and only holding on by a strand of two so i repaired that and still nothing i started cecking for voltage everywhere the only place that would not get voltage is the transfer case motor so i replaced even thoe i bench tested it and it worked still nothing so i replaced the 4wd accuator on the front axles still nothing so i got a used tccm a used 4wd selector switch and a transfer case switch still NOTING!!! if anyone could help i would apperate it. i do have power to the fuses in the fuse box and they are good.....
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