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Hello everyone,
I am selling my 1996 CE LT4 6-Speed Vette Vin# 1G1YY2251T5107851. The car is in EXCELLENT shape and has been very well cared for. The car has a clear title and clean carfax as well. It just rolled 90k miles and has had regular oil changes at 3000 miles using only Mobil 1 synthetic. The car has many tasteful mods and makes good power considering the heads/intake manifold are still bone stock. I have reciepts and service records on the car since day 1 in a rather thick folder that will be included when sold. The car was dyno'd awhile back before i purchased it and only after SOME of the mods had been done and made around 360HP at the wheels. Ill find the dyno graph and post it up asap although the car will make more than that now since the latest changes were made. I took the car to the track when i first bought it on some bald sumitumo tires and made one pass before i decided it was a complete waste of time as well as dangerous. I feathered it off the line but still fishtailed when i hit 2nd gear, let off the throttle and rolled back into it to finish the run. The car went 13.00 in the 1/4, trapped 117 MPH and that was with a 60ft time of 2.6 secs. I am told with that trap speed and had it been on good tires and got out with a 1.7 or 1.8 60ft, the car is good for high 11's. The car has beat many nicely modded 12.00 LS1's on the street so i believe it. I am not the original owner however the car was purchased by myself from a very close friend of mine who is also a member if this site. Id love to keep the car but i really dont drive it enough justify keeping it.

Mods include:
-LT4 Hotcam (.525/.525 lift)
-Comp cams 1.6 rockers
-Comp cams lifters and valve springs
-Holley 58mm throttle body
-SLP triple claw CAI
-MSD 6AL ignition
-MSD vented optispark
-Denso plugs
-Exotic muscle ceramic coated Long Tube Headers
-3" O/R X-pipe
-3" stainless B&B Tri-flow catback
-SVO 30# injectors
-Holley adjustable fuel pressure regulator
-Hurst shift knob
-PCM4LESS dynotune done by Brian Herter
-New custom Black/Silver CE seats (still have the original solid silver CE seats with just slight wear on the bolsters).

Things for the car i have yet to install but can be included at additional cost if desired...
-B&M ripper short throw shifter (New in box)
-Custom metal faceplate kit with "corvette" inscribed and powdercoated for aftermarket radio installation as well as the solid aluminum mount. This kit was made a sold by a member on here awhile back. It cost me $180 if i remember correctly.

The car will also come with a nice wolf indoor/outdoor car cover, original owners manual, etc.

I know there are probably some things i am forgetting but ill post them as i remember. I put the folder of reciepts and records away somewhere and i just need some time to find it. I also have the stock CAI with a K&N filter, stock shift knob and some other misc stock parts i will include.

The car is currently on factory Silver C5 18x10.5, 17x9 Z06 wheels with brand new Nitto 555 275/40/17's on the front and 305/35/18's Nitto drag radials on the rear. The set might have 300 miles on them since purchased and the wheels came off an 2004 Z06 with just 200 miles on it so the rims are brand new and mint as well. I will have to get pics up tomorrow of the car on the new wheels. I still have the original silver CE wheels as well (17x11 / 17x9) with Nitto 315/35/17 drag radials on the rear and 285/40/17 Nitto 555's on the front but only one tire of each is good and one of the 17x11 wheels has a slight bend in the lip. I was driving down the highway a few months back and managed to tag a block of wood that must have fallen off a truck shortly before i hit it. It made an impact bubble in my front left tire and blew out my DR and bent the lip on the rear left rim due to running a lower tire pressure for traction. The rim can easily be repaired by a shop but i picked up the C5 Z06 wheels and new tires instead. The Original wheels will be included when the car is sold.

The bad:
-Headliner sags a little
-Key fobs either dont work or need new batterys (car was garaged and rarely driven so using the key to unlock the doors didnt bother me).
-Check engine light turns on and off at random due to a rear o2 sensor code because of the catless exhaust.
-Light chips on the front bumper from usual driving

None of these things are major issues by anymeans and the car is ready to drive anywhere. I am being completely honest about every little detail to ensure the car is NO LESS than what has been described and shown in the pictures. The car gets an average of 16-18 MPG in the city and has gotten as well as 32 MPG on the highway on a 3 hour trip to Austin cruising at 77 MPH. I have had nothing but compliments on this car since i have owned it! The exhaust sounds AMAZING!! :thumbs:

Im asking $16,000 for the car and everything i have to go with it which i figure is more than fair even with the market today. That is still under book value by a good bit and there are many additional items included that should make this an easy seller.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me or post them up and ill be happy to answer them. You may also email me at [email protected] or call/text me at 832-298-0768.

The pictures posted on the stock wheels were taken about 4 months ago and were taken with a cheap digital camera. Pics dont do this car justice! Nothing has been changed other than the wheels. The car might have 1000 more miles on it since the pics but i highly doubt even that much.

Thanks!! :cheers:












Original seats before cleaning...


C5 Z06 wheels before install...


Dash kit (brace & plate)...




Short throw...


The Corvette engine covers have since been installed. They were only off for pics to show the Injectors and AFPR.

BTW, I am mainly interested in selling the car outright but may consider a straight trade of equal value or a trade + cash as i may be interested in getting back into the truck scene. Not really looking to go bagged but something lowered or lifted would be of interest to me...

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I know someone wants to get out of their truck and get into something fast and fun...

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Not much luck selling a car on a truck site.... lol

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Hey man, might want to try or ebay for the price you are wanting. Otherwise, you may be a little upset at what a car like yours is going for currently. 16k will net a C5 with more mods and fewer miles.

C6Z's are breaking into the 35-40 range
C6's are breaking into the 23k range
C5's are in the 15-20 range

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Thanks guys. I actually have it posted on craigs and corvetteforum. And yeah, i know the market is shot right now for just about everything.

Im willing to negotiate on the price though should someone here be interested...
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