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It's been a while since I've been on LS1tech, but a longstanding member over there for 14 years. There are a few others on there as well that would be fine with vouching for the car who have been members 10+ years as well. I bought the car from a friend and fellow tech user, 12 years ago. For reference, his thread is here.

I'm not looking for any trades and not looking to part anything out or separate anything. I have $22k+ easily in it in motor/paint/tranny/rear end/suspension, and that's not including what I paid for the car itself initially. As you could imagine, I am losing major money, but I am engaged and building a house and just have other priorities.

A few things up front: The car is a 1999 Camaro SS hardtop, verified original with SLP. It is a theft recovery (rebuilt title) and was color-changed from Hugger orange to custom Gunmetal Metallic (by previous owner) and completely repainted back to Hugger Roslunds here in Tallahassee, when I bought it. Doorjambs were done, etc., the engine bay is still gunmetal gray as obviously you can't paint completely with the motor in.

It has 96,683 miles on it, I have owned it since 83k, previous owner had it since 59k. While down for all the major work, it obviously didn't pick up much mileage, and I also had a work truck to drive, so I never put miles on it, though I would daily drive it to work every now and then. I knew the previous owner and the cars history when I bought it 12 years ago, and have most if not all major receipts/records since purchase. Car has always used Mobil 1 synthetic.

Car made 523rwhp, 474rwtq SAE. It's trap speeds are in the 120-124mph range. It has never seen nitrous or any forced induction (but would love some).

Motor: I have the build sheet and custom cam sheet - minimal miles on new stroker motor.
  • Texas Speed & Performance Iron 408ci balanced and blueprinted long-block.
  • Camshaft: 257/266, .622/.642, 113 lsa cam
  • PRC Stage 3 ported heads, 72cc chambers, 2.08"/1.60" valves
  • Forged - Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft
  • Forged - Diamond -10cc dish Nitrous Pistons
  • ARP Rods
  • .051 Cometic head gaskets
  • new LS2 timing chain setup
  • Clearanced Oil Pump
  • F.A.S.T. 90mm Intake
  • F.A.S.T. 90mm Throttle body
  • F.A.S.T. 30lb injectors
  • Racetronix 255LPH fuel pump
  • ASP underdrive pulley
  • Fast Toys Ram Air, MTI lid
  • Kooks Lontubes 1-7/8" stepped to 2" x 3-1/2" collectors
  • TSP Rumbler True dual exhaust
  • Dynomax Bullets
  • SLP line lock
T-56 6 speed Manual Transmission Fully rebuilt by Doc at EFI Alchemy over south of Jacksonville, to withstand 800 ft-lbs of torque. Upgraded input shaft, 3-4 Billet synchro, steel 3-4 fork, etc. Shifts perfectly, rarely power-shifted, and I never grind gears. Clutch is a Textralia OZ, and has about 8k miles on it. Hydraulics have been upgraded to the newest units and the drill mod has been performed.

Moser 9" rear end.
  • 31 spline axles
  • Detroit Truetrac
  • 4.30 gears
Suspension consists of:
  • UMI Adjustable LCA's
  • Hotchkis adjustable PHR
  • QA1 12 way adjustable shocks on all 4 corners.
  • QA1 325# springs
Interior: Gray power/leather Trans Am seats in excellent condition, no bad wear spots or tears on bolsters. Rear seat delete kit. Pro5.0 shifter, SLP knob. Harlan shift light (red) in pillar. SLP SS floor-mats. Monsoon sound system, RogueLeader front door speaker mod with Alpine 6.5's. It needs a leather shifter boot.

Exterior: Black halo headlights. Clear corners. Polished ZR1 wheels: 17x8 fronts w/billet front spacers (Fulda 275/40/17's), 17x11 rear, (less than 50 miles on 315/35/17 Nitto NT555's). Also going with the car are a full set of Weld 15x10 Prostars (No Tires) and 15x3.5's (11/7/08) with M&H Racemaster 185/75/R15 "skinnies". Matte black Berger panel with key delete.

Please be aware that the car is not perfect. It looks damn good, but the car is almost 18 years old and as such has its minor flaws, though was completely torn down for full paint. Here is a brief list of things I feel are "wrong" with the car:

  • Paint chip passenger side door, where someone tried to break in it before I got a garage.
  • Paint chip on the roof.
  • Door ding paint chip on one mirror.
  • Dashboard has the standard f-body crack in it.
  • Fuel level gauge works sporadically (99% sure it's just the sender)
I am trying to be as honest as possible about the condition of the car. I do NOT want a buyer coming here and then being upset with the description, or picking over little details. The price is reasonable, but negotiable. Please note that nothing in this list affects performance, which can be fixed cheap especially if you do your own work.

Asking $14,000 or best offer. I feel this is a very fair price. Please feel free to email with questions, offers, etc.

Brandon - [email protected]

will work on getting images resized or hosted, but for now here is a quick image...

IMG_9684 low quality.jpg

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Pretty killer price for this thing. Hugger orange is a pretty underrated color, dad had a hugger orange rag top SS bunch of years back.
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