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(2) 315/75/16 Toyo Open Country M/T

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$350 OBO

They have about 50% tread on the insides and near full tread on the outside. One has a little less that 50% on the inside. They also have a few cuts on the outer tread blocks from rubbing the fenders, nothing that will compromise the integrity of the tire. You could run the other sidewall out and never notice it. (both sides have black letters)

These have the full road hazard warranty from NTB which is good for replacement until about November and then a prorated replacement after then (1 yr from purchase). I don't know if it's transferrable, but if you ever need to use it, you can bring 'em to me and i'll take them in.

I'm asking $350 obo. i paid about 550 new for these after taxes and road hazard warranty, so i think that's pretty fair cause they've still got a lot of life to them if you take care of them. If you really want them shipped, you pay for it and we can work that out.

If you care, this is why i"m getting rid of them:
I've had these tires on my truck about 3000 miles or so. I just discovered that my pitman and idler arms are shot when i noticed these tires wearing funny, and really fast. These are on the front, and the rear tires show no wear at all, so basically i want to sell these and buy 2 new ones so i can have full tread all around. I'm gonna replace the pitman and idler arms and hopefully start over with new tires.

On to the pics:

Drivers side tire (the worse of the two):

Passenger side tire:

Rear tire with no visible wear to compare tread depth:

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ttt, no broke ass teens like me want some good tires cheap?
tell ya one thing, those are some damn nice looking wheels.

put em on craigslist
lol thanks. they're dirty as hell right now. yea, i'm gonna put em on there eventually. i'm just lazy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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