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I'm running a 22x9.5 wheel in front and back on a 3/6 drop.. The tires are 265/35/22 and I have NOT rubbed once. I had to roll the rear fender lips in all the way because my wheels have minimal backspacing, but i think that they worked out absolutely perfect for me and the drop. I was told by many people that this setup would NOT work for my truck, but I knew it would, and it does.

If i went any lower say to a 4" front drop, it might rub the tops of the front wheel wells on hard bumps. I also am running 3" drop coils up front and no bumpstops(still have yet to rub once)

and Droppedgmc, you forgot to mention that your 22's were going to be "Billets" on the 4/6... which helps out tucking just a little. You'll probably want to go a little lower in the rear to level it out some more.

and here's a pic with the 3/6 on 22's

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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