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2/4 drop price

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what is the common price for a 2/4 drop kit, btw ill be installing myself, and will my 285/50R20's fit afterwards
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I think around $300. Depends on how you drop it.
damn! :pissed: yo adam are you pretty sure about that too?
I'm running 275/55/20's on a 2/4 McGaughy drop (actually on a 3 1/2 rear drop). I loved the McGaughy kit. Perfect fit and finish. Easy install. Right about $400 with shipping. I preferred a kit with drop spindles rather than dealing with changing lower control arms and I didn't want to change my springs. I have a completely stock ride. I haven't even hit the trimmed down bump stops yet.
will the extra width of my 285 get me into troubles? i know your tires are slightly taller than mine
Will i need to align the front end after a McGaughy's 2/4 drop?
Slvrpismochevy96 said:
Will i need to align the front end after a McGaughy's 2/4 drop?
I can't answer your tire width question. Worse case scenario would be you would have to sell your tires and pick up some 275/55's.

As far as the front end alignment ... absolutely! I realigned it within 2 days of installation and the ride was significantly improved. I had serious negative camber after installation. It still drove straight and didn't shimmy but it would have destroyed the tires, it looked like ass and I know it had a negative impact on high speed comfort.
Yah thats what i figured, I'll probably end up going down to 275/45 gtII's cuz they arn't 300 a piece like everything else
Im not even sure, they came on it from factory, im sure they are between 8 and 9, no idea on the back spacing. the wheels will go in the fenders, its the 285/50 tire that im worried about so i was thinkin of getting some 275/45
You should be fine with that tire size...they just might look a lot bigger once the truck gets closer to them...

Get the DJM 2/4 kit with LCA/shackles/hangers for 440 shipped from StylinConcepts...factory shocks should be ok too...


The McGaughy's 2/4 kit with spindles etc...
Im getting the McGaughy's, i called them right now, cool thing is that i live only 10-15 minutes from them lol, they are right by full throttle suspensions
Ground Force 2/4 kit with leafs instead of shackle/hangers will run about 480
BIG Newton82 said:
Ground Force 2/4 kit with leafs instead of shackle/hangers will run about 480
GF uses coils up front and I wouldn't recommend coils...I am not happy with my 3" coils........rough ride.
Well when i called McGaughy's they said the 285/50/20's will fit under their 2/4 but i dunno, im gonna be goin there here in a few minutes and may come home with a kit to put on, ill post pics
Well, I just got back from mcgaughys and they told me no way would my tires fit, and that even a 275/45R20 wouldnt fit, are there any 255 or 265 tires that are around 28-30 inches in diameter that are pretty cheap?
why couldnt a 275/45 fit? my friend is runnin 275/45's on his 2/4 and i've been told 275/45 can even work on a 3/5 drop
I have the McGaughy's 2/4 and 275/45/20 and mine fit just fine - if it were a 4/6 i could see s problem, but I still have at least an inch and a half clearance front and back
mind posting some pics silvySQ?
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