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2/4 with lower control arms

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Hey guys, just purchased a 2/4 with lower control arms and eldelbrock shocks in the front and belltech in the rear from stylin concepts. How is the ride with this kit??? and how hard is the install on the lower control arms. I have a 2000 gmc reg cab with 20 inch timeless 6 boyd wheels...
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It should ride like stock, maybe a tad stiffer w/ the Edlebrock shocks. Since you still use the stock coil springs there is no rate change there. It's a good will be happy w/ it.

The arms are pretty easy to install. If you don't have one, a spring compressor should be used to ease dissasembly and reassembly.


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You dont need a spring compressor. Look up dark eternal and send him a pm he can tell you the easiest way to get the control arms off without destroying the stock balljoints. We just did a 4/6 on mine and for first timers doing a drop we didnt do to shabby he does alot of lifts but mine was his first drop her really knows his shit. Serously though send him a pm it will make the install alot easier
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