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(2) subs, both are in perfect working order/condition...these are awesome subs. 1 of the boxes can go with them for sure(i may need the other depending on IF buyer wants them). they are ported(3", ~1.30 cubic ft.). they were only used for a few months....I am asking $250 obo + shipping but im flexible. Here are some specs:

MSRP:$279-$369 per sub, ive seen em mostly for $200 per sub different places online.

The 10W3v2 is a superb choice for high-output high-quality sub-bass in compact enclosures. Exceptional excursion capability and highly linear motor and suspension designs combine to deliver maximum performance from moderate to high power levels. This driver works well in sealed, ported and bandpass enclosures and its dual voice coil design gives the user a high degree of application flexibility.

Nominal Diameter: 10 inches (250 mm)
Continuous Power Handling: 300 Watts RMS, 500 Watts Peak
Voice Coil: 2.25" diameter, 4-layer, Kapton former
Available Configurations: Dual 2 ohm, Dual 4 ohm or Dual 6 ohm
Xmax (one-way, linear): 0.51"-0.58" (13.0-14.7 mm) depending on specific model
Sealed Enclosure Range: 0.60-0.90 cu.ft. (17.0-25.5 liters)
Ported Enclosure Range: 1.00-1.50 cu.ft. (28.3-42.0 liters)
VRCT Technology: YES
Elevated Frame Technology: YES

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