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Where's the van?!?!?!
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Hi guys,

These kayaks are 3 years old, but we did not use them at all last year and probably won't have a chance to use them this year either... We bought our house last May and have been non-stop with improvements to it and.... well... it looks like this summer is going to be busy too!

I was cleaning out the garage a little last weekend, and i REALLY need new garage doors but can't afford them right now... then i looked up and saw the kayaks and had the great idea to sell them to help pay for the new doors :lol:

Model: Ocean Kayak Frenzy
Includes: Seats & Paddles
Seats: Surf To Summit Kayak Seats KOF301 ( )
Paddles: Carlisle Day Tripper Paddles ( )

These have been garage kept (not sitting outside exposed to the elements and UV). We only used them a total of 7 or 8 times... and that might be a high estimate.


Would like to get $800 total for both complete sets.
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