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If Mike's contact falls through, then I'm willing to ship. I didn't think anybody would want to pay for it. I'll even go through with some sandpaper and clean up the surface rust and hit it with some high temp paint. :D

Edit: Soon I'll also have a used 3" Magnaflow X-pipe available and 2 - 3" offset/3" center Xtremeflow mufflers for sale as well. They're a chambered muffler, manufactured by an exhaust shop in Fresno. Stainless steel muffler, with a design very similar to Flowmaster. I get compliments on the sound all the time, but really have way too much drone with a 6.0 and turndowns for me to stand it anymore, especially for a cross-country drive.
hit me up when you have one of those for sale man:head:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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