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20" Intro Matrix wheels

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4 20" Intro Matrix billet aluminum wheels, fully polished front and back with satin inserts, 8.5" wide with 5.5" backspacking - will work and tuck on any 5 on 5 lug pattern (ie - 88-98 chevy). Tires are Goodyear Eagle HP Ultra Plus 255/35ZR20, the whole combo has 12,000 miles on them. Comes with chrome lugs, 4 McGuard locks, the key, chrome valve stems, a bottle of Eagle 1 Aluminum wheel wash, and a can of Mother's billet polish. I am regretfully selling these to finish up some odds and ends on the truck because I am putting more miles on it than before, but rest assured my next set of custom wheels will be Intros. They have by far the best finish I've ever seen on a wheel, ask anyone that has seen mine. There are 2 flaws, one small bend on one wheel from a construction zone on I-35 but it still holds air, and one small scratch from dropping off the bimbo I was dating at her apartment at Baylor. Asking $2000 or best offer, and if you want I can get the wheel fixed through Intro (they will put a whole new hoop on it) as part of the purchase price. I need these gone soon, and would even consider a partial trade on some aluminum 5 spoke wheels like came from the factory or the chrome 454ss wheels. I'm located in dallas and waco, and would prefer not to ship unless buyer pays and arranges freight, but I am willing to meet anywhere in the DFW/Waco/Austin area.

The bend

The scratch

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if you still have them when I pay my ls1 off at the end of the month hopefully I will more than likely take them off your hands. Will they tuck with my bd?

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Jimmy P is pretty serious about them, and I will know Monday if he can take them or not, and how much shipping will be. If the deal with Jimmy falls through, they will be yours next and I doubt there will be any shipping seeing we could meet somewhere.
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