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i have a set of 20"rims and tires forsale, $850 OBO! interested in selling these locally (within louisiana) so if you know somebody looking for a nice set of 20's, please pass the word, thanks guys!

-fits fullsize chevy trucks 88-98 (anything thats 5x5 lugpattern)

-they tuck

-rims are polished aluminum boss 301

-all four tires are less than one year old, 2-275/40's, 2-275/45's,

-the 275/45's show no wear, the 275/40's have worn unevenly due to bad tierod ends

-one rim has minor curbrash (not noticable)

-*wheels are now sitting in my garage taking up space


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dang u rite round that corner from be but i dont have 5 lug but i do hav a cuz that has a ext 98 silverado lookin for rims dont know he he want 20s but ill ask
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