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Hello all, I'm trying to convert my buddy's 2000 Sierra that was equipped with just power adjustable mirrors to power adjustable mirrors with turn signal indicators from what looks to be a 2001 Yukon Denali.

The truck's mirror harnesses look basic and only have a few wires, but the new mirrors have a total of 15 wires, and I have no idea where or how to wire up the mirrors. From what I've gathered by searching the internet, the truck's harness is composed of 5 wires, which are: Black, Orange, Red with white, Purple with white, and Yellow which are the mirror motor's ground wires. The truck's black and orange wires don't connect to anything however on the original mirrors.

If someone could chime in and help me find the right wires I need (I'd like to only know the motor wires, and the turn signal indicator's wires) I also realize I will need to run a wire from the turn signals to the fuse box, as the truck wasn't equipped with the correct harness.

I appreciate any help offered! Pics below:

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