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2000 Silverado 4L60-E

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Asking:$1400.00 shipping included.

4L60-E Transmission Fresh from Jet Performance in Huntington Beach, Ca. This Trans is out of my 2000 Chevy Silverado with a 5.3L Motor with a Magna Charger on it & worked Great ! In the desire for more Power and to go Faster I recently upraged to a 6.0L & 4L80 trans and no longer need this Trans, I have over $2100.00 invested in it and I am letting it go for much less. This Trans is Guaranteed not to Be D.O.A. but no other warrany is expressed or implied.

The Jet 4L60-E Trans is a performance built replacement unit for 96-up Gm Vehicles with the 4L60-E Transmission, it offers Superior shift Quality & Durability for high performance or Heavy Duty use. it is a direct bolt in replacement.


Complete valve body kit installed

Corvette servo piston

Modified oiling circuits

Additional clutches in 3-4 clutch pack

Heavy duty Clutches and band

Handles 450 ft/lbs of Torque

Paid for Extras:

Hardend Input Shaft

Billet Servos for the 1-2 shift and 3-4 shift

Extra Deep finned Aluminum Trans Pan for extra capacity and cooling
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i'll give ya 50 bucks for it plus shipping :anitoof:
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