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I recently bought a 2001 2500HD with 33,500 miles on it...guy lived a mile from work and put nothing on it for miles...truck is pretty, in great shape, and runs like a BOSS.

It had a fresh oil change right before I bought it, with the sticker in the window showing it not due till 36k...I have put about 1500 miles on it since I got it last month..still 1k till the next change..

Lat week the "Check Oil" light cam on and sure enough, it was low..i added a quart and a half, light went off, but it smoked a bit at first and smelled of burning it will still occasionaly smell, but not smoke like it did..I DID spill some onto the exhaust I expected some odor..

The other day I drove up into the woods to turkey hunt and again, smelled oil burning, so i popped the hood. I noticied a small amount of smoke coming up from the area of the oil filler neck/valve cover seems that my oil level is SLIGHTLY lower than it was..could the gasket be worn out allowing oil out? Anyone know the part number for a new neck? I also plan to replace the PCV with the updated, smaller hole version.(not sure if it had been done or not)



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