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Well I think I've decided it's time to part ways with my car, due to the fact it looks like i'm going to be getting my own place and that money can definately go to some much more practical things. I love my car but I have to do the "responsible" thing that is best for me. I don't want the car rotting away in some apartment/condo parking lot so I'd rather see it go to a good home.

The specs for those that don't know:

2001 Chevy Camaro SS in Sunset Orange Metallic. 52,XXX miles.
Asking 16,500 OBO and i'm very negociable.

-SLP Camaro SS grille
-15% tint all around
-NGK Uridium sparkplugs
-MSD sparkplug wires
-SLP lid
-K&N drop-in filter
-SLP loudmouth exhaust
-3.73 gears
-Powerslot rotors
-Raybestos ceramic pads
-17x9.5 American Racing Torque Thrust II's
-275x40x17 BFG G-Force KDW tires
-Full PCM tune with HPTuners
-Rebuilt transmission to include:
-Pro Torque 9.5" 2800 stall lock-up torque converter
-Trans cooler
-Alto wide 2-4 band
-Raybestos 2-pak 3-4 clutch
-Transgo shift kit
-Billet 1-2 and 4th servos
-H/D sunshell


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Bump for ya James, sucks you have to get rid of it...if it had a little less miles I'd be all over it. God knows I love those SOM F-Bods. GL w/ the sale, you shouldn't have any probs. selling it.

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I am kind of interested...could you send me some more pics? I miss my F-body so bad I can't stand it, I might have to sell my truck and get back into the seat of a F-body...I will send a PM.
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