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2001 Duramax Truck, buy or not?

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Hey guys I am looking at buying a 2001 extended cab duramax truck from the local dealer. Its got 114k on it, looks and runs real good. So far the only thing it needs is new tires all the way around. Its just the LS package with cloth interior. They are asking $15k for it. I am thinking about trading my 07 Silverado Classic RCSB V6 for it.

Any opinions on this truck?
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man I didn't realize you changed your sn on here...I would definitely think about it man
For a Duramax, it would be considered low mileage. If you deal, I would try to work a deal to get new tires.
Yeah I love the diesel motor. The sound of it just gets me excited. I am just wondering if its worth giving up my warranty of my new truck. I mean I will be getting some extra things such as the diesel motor, 4WD, power windows and locks, plus the extra space of the extended cab. It makes me a little nervous that the truck was plowed with at one time (has a sticker from the plow company who installed the plow on the front of it). I just want to buy something that was beat on too much.
ask for service records, plowing is pretty hard on a transmission.
If the truck has been plowed with I would ask for service records, as Hovis mentioned. Plowing is extremely hard on transimissions and cooling systems along with many other parts.
i have an01 duramax extended cab with 190k i pull my trailers everyday with it .no problems..yet
I asked for the service records, they dont have them. The truck has the alison transmission, should i check the fluid condition? Driving it, it shifts and runs great.
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