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2004 GMC 2500HD crew cab

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On a 2004 GMC 2500HD crew cab with the Alison trans. and duramax! What kind of gas milage is everyone getting, stock. My truck is driven in Las Vegas, NV (temps. average 100 degrees). My fan is on constintly when I drive around town with the a/c on. It seems like the truck has very little power when fan is on. Is all of this normal?
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· Total Eclipse Smokefiend
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Very nice. Most guys are averaging around 18mpg on the dmax's, give or take a little depending on the situation.

While I haven't ridden in a dmax yet, I know a bit about the older 6.5 td since I drove one before I got the 97. There was power there, but not like your used to in a smallblock gasser. Just a different animal. You need to remember, running that A/c is a huge parasitic loss...sometimes upwards of 20 hosses.

· FoTfive'dpokinoutdaside
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damn teh banhamma :rofljest: at the pics, why would you roll the windows down? To let the hot air in, great idea, BRO!
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