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2005 GM vehicle info (310hp alum 5.3L!)

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Some highlights:

Apparently there is now a 5.3L that makes 310hp, has an aluminum block with steel cylinder sleeves. [email protected], [email protected] I think this is for pickups only.

They're bringing back "dark blue metallic"

There's now a wonderful new 3.23 ratio (no thanks)

The Sierra Denali gets the 345hp motor.

Touch-screen navigation is now offered in Tahoes/Subs/Yukons/Avalanches (it's a new/better navi too)

THE FRIGGIN RETARDS STILL WON'T LET YOU HAVE A G$(@#!*@)( NAVIGATION SYSTEM IN A [email protected]#$([email protected]#[email protected]#([email protected]# PICKUP!!!!!!!

Hybrids are now available. They don't provide ratings for the gas or electric motors though. Appears to be based on 1500 ext cab, 2wd and 4wd avail. Curb weights are 4617/ the hybrid hardware doesn't weigh that much.

Anyway, full info on all of it is available here:

Note that that is THE crappiest web site EVER. I think it was written by the guy that did hamsterdance or something. You want to go to "print book" for each vehicle to see specs on it as a PDF.
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unimpressive. i'd like to see a dyno graph showing the useable torque at realistic RPMs. i don't care about HP, especially not at 5200 RPM, and it looks like torque is unchanged.

what i want to know is does the driver's side have a damn grab handle?
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