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I'm about to list my 2005 Yukon for sale, but before I do I need to get this weird issue fixed. Basically, anytime I fill up with fuel it has a little trouble starting. It usually hesitates for about a second then fires up, then the RPM's drop as if it's going to stall (sometimes if I don't rev it it does stall), then it revs a little and then it runs perfectly fine. After that it has no issue starting until I fuel up again. It does this at every fuel station I've gone to, and it does it in 90 degree weather and -30 degree weather. I haven't ever been really worried about it since it isn't much more than a slight annoyance.

However when I filled up yesterday, it wouldn't start the first two times I tried starting it, then on the third try it fired up but stalled almost directly after. Finally on the fourth try it started running but was idling at about ~400 RPM's and fluctuating, so I put it in drive to get it out of the way so other people could use the fuel pump. Whenever I pressed on the gas while in drive, there was about a whole second of throttle response lag. I figured "Great, my fuel pump is about to kick the bucket", so I shut it off. Gave it a minute, then it started up perfectly fine and ran and drove without issue.

Anybody have any idea about the cause of it? I've read that it could be the purge valve solenoid, but I don't ever try to "top off" my tank (seriously, you get maybe another quarter gallon of fuel, what's the point?) so I'm not so sure if that's the cause.

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