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Testing the interest for my Tahoe, I picked this up last year for us to have as vehicle for us to take to the river, or the lake.

It's a good truck, just never gets utilized due to me having a company vehicle and my wife getting a new SUV. Spends the majority of the time sitting in the garage. I picked it up with around 134k on the clock, and as it sits now it has 136k

Only reason I'm considering getting rid of it is to get something smaller, and/or maybe a boat :jester:

The Bad
Overall the truck is very clean, some wear on the leather, the worst of which being on the drivers side which seems to be very common on these year model trucks.
A few stains on the rear cargo area carpet.
Overall the headliner is in pretty good shape, the shade that covers the sunroof will bubble up on super hot days. Most of the time I just leave it slid back anyway.

The Goods
5.3 Vortec Motor
Rear DVD entertainment system
6-Disc, AM/FM radio
Digital Climate Control, blows ice cold A/C
4wheel is in working order.
All power features work, folding mirrors, sunroof, heated and memory seats.

Since I've had the truck I've put new shocks Bilsteins on the front and adjustable Ranchos in back and a leveling kit on. I pulled the z71 cladding and step bars, all with the intention of cleaning them up and putting them back on. But as it happened, I preferred the look without it all. I've still got all the stuff, and hardware just sitting in the garage right now

I wouldn't, and don't, hesitate to take this truck on trips at any time. Used it to tow another vehicle to and from Dallas on a car hauler without so much as a hick up.

NADA on this was at 12,500 last I looked. I know that's a little high, but I'm open to reasonable offers on it.

PM me if at all interested, I can text or email more pics.

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Castech are 706 heads. I would think at 136k they probably would of went by now? Either way it's a really nice hoe'
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