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2006 Planet Eclipse Dark Ego Paintball Marker

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All stock 06 Dark Ego electronic marker for sale. Works perfectly and has barely been used. When I did use it, I cleaned it afterwards. It's been stored in my closet when not in use.

Asking $500. Also have a 4500psi/45 carbon fiber HPA tank that can go with it for $100 more. The Empire cover will be included.

If these sell, I'll part out my gear bag which includes 2 brand new Empire bags. 1 is a rolling marker bag that's set up for 4 markers, tanks, and parts, the other is a matching duffle bag. Those were $400 new for both and have only been out of the house once.

Also will have the following:
Empire Reloader B hopper
68/45 tank
Several pairs of pants and jerseys
Knee pads, elbow pads
Several facemasks
And a bunch of other stuff

Once the marker sells, I'll take pics of that stuff individually and part out, but won't be parting out until then.

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Thanks Chuck..... Paintball has died here. I've been holding out hoping for a comeback, but the fields are shutting down so there's no use in me having it.
i hear ya... my dad owned the local field here and shut it down awhile ago, since then a few have tried but nothing succeeded and i guess its just gonna die out..I still have an Ion and some intimidator that I forgot the name..
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