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2006 sierra steering issue

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I have a 2006 gmc sierra, z71. It has 157,000 miles. I recently had changed the idler and pitman arms because they had play in them. Also had a front end alignment after. Now the steering seems a lot better. But when driving on a bumpy road I can feel every bump in the road through the steering wheel. Also seems that when hitting the bumps the front tires seem to bounce a lot. Kinda of like a basketball or wheel hopping. The shocks are 9-10 months old. Gabriel shocks. They are ok. Also have new front hub bearings. No other play in front end parts. No clunking from the steering shaft or column either. I heard that installing a steering dampener would help this issue???? My center link doesn't have the other hole in it for the steering dampener. I seen kyb and rancho sell kits with the brackets for these. What do you all think? My truck isn't lifted and has stock 17 inch tires and rims. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks guys
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You feel the bumps because there is no play in the steering absorbing the shock. I had the same issue on my truck, also an 06 sierra. I replaced pitman arm and had alignment done. A week later the tires kinda seemed to bounce a bit on bumps. Turns out I had to get another alignment done, it came loose. It is fine after realignment. My advice is first have the alignment rechecked.
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