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2006 Silverado 1500 SAS?

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Hey I have been tossing around the idea of putting a straight axle in my pickup. I'm just sick and tired of going through these gm 9.5's and want to go to 3/4 ton gm 11.5 (rear obviously). I've heard I can just get a 6 lug conversion kit for the rear so I don't have to straight axle it but having a hard time finding anything of that sort. And I know ifs isn't bad I've definitely put mine to the test and it's held up great for me, but would be nice to have 3/4 running gear. The truck has the LQ9 6.0 Vortec Maxx. Over the next few months I'm gonna be doing a build on it and should be getting around 450-500 hp to crank. Also mating the 4l80e with stall to hold up to the power. Which is another reason I'm going back and forth with a straight axle? What do you guys think?
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My budget differential wise is 2500. I blew the gov. Loc. a year ago so I got Yukon chromoly 4030 axles, Yukon dura grip posi, and yukon gears. I keep blowing the spider gears. Yes I have a hard time not baking the tires off every stop sign I hit.. Haha have you heard of the 6 lug conversion?
I know right? It has a 6" rcd lift in 35's, as far as I know the motor is stock but it is the vortec max and the dealer ship had dyno sheet and said it was at 386hp 400 ftlbs tq. But even with that I wouldn't have thought it was gonna eat through the 14 bolt carriers. Maybe I'll look into the full floater conversion and if not I'll just get a grizzly or something different.
Yea I figured it does have a few things done to it but I tell people stock cause I have no Idea what has been done. I guess I'll find out as soon as I get the motor out and start tearing it down for my build.
Jr09country- I found the 6 lug conversion for 14bolt corperate. $529.99 @

Thanks for your help and input! I was just typing the wrong things in the whole time haha
I will man for sure! Thanks again!
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