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2006 silverado front end conversion

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hello, i would like to convert my 2003 silverado to the new 2006 silverado front end, just wondering if anyone has done this and what exactly do i need? Do i just need the front grille and hood, or do i need to replace the fenders as well? and does anyone know of a good place to get oem parts other then the dealership? thanks Carlos
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fenders will work. you only need the new hood and grille shell iirc.
look on ebay for grilles, it real easy to find them. as for the hood try an auto salvage or buy a cowl either way its not gonna be cheap. i lucked out and bought my oem 2004 from some kid that put a cowl on for 100 bucks! try the classifieds in the paper. you are also gonna need the fillers under the headlights too.
I just finished mine. From a 99 to a 2006 silverado. But for you all you need is the hood and grille.. like they said.

I will post pics tomorrow.
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