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Have all of the following will get pics and prices on request. everything has about 22,00 miles and zero offroading. all stock truck at time of removal.

-9.25 front differential, minus the actuator...3.73 gears

-Front a-arm assemblies....brakes, half shafts, all of it.

-torsion keys and required hardware.

-Torsion bars.......sold.

-Stock GMC wheels and tires

-All GM stock shocks

-set of 3.73 14bolt gears...ring and pinion

-Front idler and pitman arms....and steering ends. Center link is gone.

-Spare tire carrier....sold

I think that about does it:think:
Pm me with any interests?

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PM jonyb about the torsion keys, he wants some for his wife's Denali :D
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