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2007 Duramax Diesel

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Hello guys well many of you may have seen my previous thread about the duramax that I was purchasing and the good news is i went ahead and bought it!!!!

No pics yet because it is at the shop till Monday getting e-brake fixed.

I have some questions for anyone who is willing to help?

-2007 LBZ with allison
-standard cab, 8' bed
-4" Rancho suspension lift
-315/75/16 Yokahoma AT's
-4x4 Automatic

The gas mileage on the dash says average is 14.3.

Do you guys think that I need a tuner to recalibrate the speedo and that might improve the gpms? Or do you think the gas mileage decreased this much do to lift and tires? If so will a tuner with economy tune improve mileage?

What tuner do you recommend?

Is the Edge any good?

Any info welcome...

Thanks again for help...
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Efi live or ppe!
Edge is hard on the Trannys, know from experience lol..
Shift kit, yes! Bc once you feel the power you can get outta the ppe or efi, you'll be I'n it haha.
Efi on an 03 Duramax with 285s 21hwy. Friend of mine has it
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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