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2007 Duramax Diesel

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Hello guys well many of you may have seen my previous thread about the duramax that I was purchasing and the good news is i went ahead and bought it!!!!

No pics yet because it is at the shop till Monday getting e-brake fixed.

I have some questions for anyone who is willing to help?

-2007 LBZ with allison
-standard cab, 8' bed
-4" Rancho suspension lift
-315/75/16 Yokahoma AT's
-4x4 Automatic

The gas mileage on the dash says average is 14.3.

Do you guys think that I need a tuner to recalibrate the speedo and that might improve the gpms? Or do you think the gas mileage decreased this much do to lift and tires? If so will a tuner with economy tune improve mileage?

What tuner do you recommend?

Is the Edge any good?

Any info welcome...

Thanks again for help...
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Donbt waste your time with Edge, EFI Live with a duramax tuners dsp5 swtich is the only way to go. I have owned both, and would never waste my money on a edge or other programer ever again.
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