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2007 LMM Sierra HD - Cognito Leveling Kit and 22s installed!

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Current modifications -

Cognito Leveling kit - torsion bars are cranked all the way. Height to the fenders in the front is 42.25" and 44.25" in the rear
Bilstein shocks
1.5" blocks in the rear

6000k HIDs in the high and low beams

Line-X with Extra spray in bedliner

AMP Powered Steps with LED lighting

22.9.5 Weld Evo Velocity 8 wheels wrapped with 305/45/22 Nitto 404 tires. This package is usually used on my 2005 Sierra HD. I test fit them on this truck for now. They will probably be replaced with another set of Weld wheels. The tires measure 32" tall. I'm going to try to fit 33s or 34s when they are replaced.

Next to be installed is the new Pioneer AVIC Z2, Vizualogic back-up camera and Vizualogic headrests with 9" screens. The passenger's side will have a built in DVD player. I'm always waiting for performance parts to become available. Want more power!!! :)

I was thinking about going with a lift but I'm very happy with how the truck looks and the tires are tucked in really nice!

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Truck looks good! Some larger tires would really set it off. Strange exhaust on these new HDs though!

edit: i just noticed your grill is larger than mine! That thing is huge.
looks good man! it looks like it sits high for stock
some beefier tires would look awesome on there. i like that style of wheel tho
those things are so long! :jester:

looking good :D
I say still go with the lift :read:
those are my favorite rims on hds. would look sick with a 4 inch lift and some meats!
Nice, I bet the longbed looks sweet while pulling that big trailer.
I'm going to be looking for larger tire options tomorrow. 33s should fit fine and I think I can convince 34s to fit! :)
Dang, that looks awesome!
Awesome lookin' truck man... But like everyone else said.. Lift it and stick some monster meats on those rims....
:imo sell those wheels to a guy with a lowered truck and get some 18's or 20's and lift that bitch. throw some 35's on
looks good

needs bigger meats as said though
Im sorry but I really dont think it looks all that good.
looks good....needs a lift and bigger tires....dont like the long bed though
torsion bars?? what they didnt upgrade the HDs to coilovers also??
torsion bars?? what they didnt upgrade the HDs to coilovers also??
No sir......HD suspension didn't change
Im sorry but I really dont think it looks all that good.
Me tambien
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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