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i have a 2007 Chevy 4x4 crew cab. I bought a rough country 4.75" lift which includes a 3.5" suspension lift and the 1.25" body lift. From referral of a buddy I used the mechanic he used for his lift because he did it for a great price compared to the rest of the places and the one mechanic my family uses for everything we go way back doesn't install lifts. Well when I took it to him after the guy put my lift on the steering got really really tight so bad that you had to strong arm the wheel to turn it. So I take it to my trusted mechanic for an alignment thinking it was just that bad out and after extensive looking over every part we come to the conclusion that it's because the intermediate steering shaft may not have been adjusted and after they loosened the bolt it wouldn't expand or contract at all has anyone had this problem at all?
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