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2007 NNBS Lifted Reg Cab

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Was at the chevy dealer today and saw this which I think looked pretty good
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Very Nice, i like the wheel and tire combo. I want to see a NNBS reg cab long bed lifted, i think that would look good.
Hey I am planning on getting the same wheel and tire combo as you and I am wondering if you have a knuckle kit on your truck. Because I do and im trying to figure out what backspacing to get on the mazzi hulks?
hmm I keep wanting to put myself in debt

bigger tires smaller rims though
I have a Rancho which is a knuckle kit and as far as b/s on these rims Im really not sure what it is. Not sure if they come in diff b/s or not.
damn thats one sexy truck. exactly what i want right now.
I like that! But a lil more rubber for me!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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