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Hi gang,
I have my wipers moving about 60% of what they should be.
History; My wipers slowed down to basically stopping on the windshield. It was exremly cold out -20 deg Celsius.
I took it in to the dealer, and they replaced my fuse block stating it was all corroded. now they move about 60%. They just called me, and told me it is my battery.
$270 to put a new one in they quoted me.
I called around, and i can get the oem for $145, same warranty.
so, i am bringing it home.

Here is what i think: If you have the engine running, (providing the battery is not completely dead) the car runs off the alternator power. How can that lead to slow wipers?

I wonder if the wiper transmission possibly has water in it, or the wiper motor itself is done?

Any thoughts?
I need help!!!

Thanks everyone,

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So, a month has past.

My "Dead" battery is still working fine.

The dealership basically plugged my truck into the computer (which they told me has never ever made a mistake!!) something told them my battery was dead, and that is all they did.
The cause of my slow wipers was the tray where the wiper transmission arms sit in, was full of water (drain was plugged) and the water froze.
the wiper arm was dragging along the ice causing it to run slow.

So i took out my battery, had it tested three times, and put it back in.
I left it for a week in the cold, and started up fine.

I actually made a complaint with GM Canada.
This has actually made me mad that they changed my whole fuse panel out (covered under warranty), and now a battery all of which is not the issue at all!

I will not be going back there. The stories they told me were ridiculous.
I think once I called them on the "$270" battery, they started back-pedaling.

Anyway their loss, and although painful for me, i hope this post helps others to diagnose the same issue in the future.

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