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I’m in the process of rebuilding a front diff out of the wife’s Escalade and I’m coming across conflicting information. Every DIY thread or video states that you should check pinion preload before installing the oil seal yet the manual says install the new crush sleeve, oil seal, and nut, and then check the pinion preload. If I install the seal after setting the preload, what do I torque the nut to because the preload should increase if after the seal is installed. It also says the pinion preload should be 15-30 in/lbs and I’m being told 14-19 everywhere else.

Lastly, I am seeing everyone just snugging up the carrier bearing preload adjusters but the manual says to crank them down to 55 ft/lbs before checking backlash. And the manual says .003 to .010 for backlash. Everywhere else is saying .006 - .010.

I am using the old gear set, just replacing the bearings.

What should I trust, the manual or the consensus? lol
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