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2013 Silverado 1500 LT. 4wd. Leveled.. etc

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Thinking about selling my truck for something different..
Its a 2013 with around 17k miles on it. Z71, power windows and all..

Mods are
Tgc 2.5" level
295/70r18 trail grapplers 6k miles on them
Blackbear in person tune
Flowmaster muffler
10'kicker under back seat
Memphis audio component speakers up front,alpine speakers in rear
Bedliner and fold up tonneau cover
20" led bar in front bumper

Asking 32,500..
Located half hour north of Baltimore,md

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I'm assuming you don't really need to sell it? Just listing for a obscene price, and hoping someone buys it.. if not, no harm, no foul...?
No i dont "need" to sell it.. just wanna get into something different. And considering thats the price of what some trucks are goin for in my area that are stock i wouldnt say its obscene.. but thanks for the response
Just goin off what there goin for here in my area..
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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