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2013 silverado gauge backlights

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Anybody know where to buy blue LEDs for the dash gauges? And how to install them?
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Hey I just saw your post. I take it you're looking to change the colors of your dash lights from aqua to a true blue
There's a guy that changed all his backlights but it didn't seem to easy. He's on another forum so you'd have to register there to get more information and ask questions. From what I gathered it's not nearly as easy as the nbs gauge cluster which wasn't exactly easy. With the new trucks there's a bunch of TINY LEDs behind the cluster and takes a very steady hand and a special soldering iron. The LEDs are probably the size of a grain of rice lol. Super tiny. Just giving you a heads up.
But good news is I think you can get a usspeedo gauge cluster that can change the color. Not sure about any success rate or how well they look but that's an option you could check out.
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