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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a 2014 Sierra All terrain and love how quiet the truck is, but at the same time, I can hear things I never would've before in my old truck.

I have found that when either I or a passenger put our arm on the center console, it has a slight squeak. Anytime you go over a bump where pressure is pressed down on the console it will squeak. I have narrowed it down to the plastic member where the lid latches to. You can press down on either side and create the squeak.

Has anyone experienced this problem or know of a solution?


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have the dealer warranty that! I went through this when we bought our so called top - of - the line 06 Honda accord ex with navigation. I fixed many of the easy rattles myself, but many I would just drop it off at the dealer and have them order me new console lids and glovebox doors. Seriously, that car had more rattles then any car I've owned.

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