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2014 Silverado Mirrors

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I had a duck hit my passenger side mirror when I had exactly 1900 miles on my new 2014 Silverado. The nearest dealer is 100 miles away. It knocked off the snap-on cap and broke one other part of the housing. Can someone tell me where to find the parts I would need to fix it? There was no other damage than the plastic housing. I would prefer to buy online.

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You can check sites like GMpartsdirect and the like but I am not sure if the parts you broke are repalcable. The cap should be, but the housing would be a whole mirror replacement. Do you have pictures of the damage?
There is gmpartsgiant, as well as a few others. My first option would probably be eBay. I am 99% sure if the housing is cracked or broke, you need to replace the entire mirror the only way you would find a housing is if you swapped it off a different mirror, not worth it IMO. You can probably find a mirror on ebay for $250 or so depending on if it is a DL8 or DL3.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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