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I have a 2016 GMC Canyon. The Driver's side power seat stopped working completely.

The fuse and relay are both working. The problem is in the Truck's computer. My oil change guy suggested that I do the following: Unplug the power seat beneath the seat itself (both sets of wires), then take the negativepost cable off of the battery and wait 2 hours. Once the 2 hours have passed, first re-plug the wires under the seat, then re-connect the battery.

Once I did this, On my dash display, I got the message "ACTION REQUIRED, lower and raise the driver's side window. Once I did this, I then tried my power seat. The motor worked and allowed me to move it forward, however the other directional movements would not respond. At least I was able to move it forward from the rear-most position, before it quit working again.

Does anyone know how to correct this computer software issue?
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