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20x10 Ion Thunders and my Buddys NNBS 2500 w/ 12" 3rd Coast Suspension

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i switched my wheels out a while back and never got around to posting pics of them. they are 20x10 ion forged thunders with 37x13.5x20 toyos. im getting some 36x15.5's here as soon as they wear down. also got a pic of my buddys 2500 nnbs that just got a 12" 3rd coast suspension with 39.5x20's for now. hes getting 40x15.5x20 mgs i believe in the next few weeks. the lift and tires and wheels were bought used for $2500 i believe. these pics were taken with a cell phone so the quality isnt that good.

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Nice trucks, your buddy's is fawking huge.
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