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Title says it all. I've found a few things but everyone's so fucking dificult or too far away.

I'm in KY, so they'll need to be shipped if you're not anywhere close.

Nothing Black
6 lug
No damage
Tires must be 75% or newer
No Moto Metals


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im thinking about these in a high polish rather than chrome. They have both.
1400 shipped aint bad for some 12z :imo


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wonder if you can get different caps for those?
I'm sure that centerline logo is just a decal and you could take it off....or maybe get your hands on a set of Weld Cheyenne centercaps and make em work :shrug: I agree though, that's the only negative about those rims :D:D I might jump on a set of those if I could sell my Weld's for about the same price :shrug:
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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