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20x12's & 33's or 22X12's & 35's

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Title says it all. I've found a few things but everyone's so fucking dificult or too far away.

I'm in KY, so they'll need to be shipped if you're not anywhere close.

Nothing Black
6 lug
No damage
Tires must be 75% or newer
No Moto Metals

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I think the lift showed up today, but wheels won't be here until Tuesday, and tires may be here by the end of next week. Don't really know yet. Distributors don't even have these yet, they're coming straight from Toyo.

If Pacecbria let's me borrow his wheels :crossesfingers: I may do the lift sometime next week, otherwise it'll be a few weeks because I'm booked solid with other installs.
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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