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22" Vectors with 305/45/22 Nitto 420S

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Tires have about 1/2 tread life left.

Wheels are 6 bolt GM, +18 Offset, 22x9.5 with a 5.96 backspace. Not willing to separate tires/wheels unless you pay for tire removal.

Looking for $1100/offer and PREFER local pickup BUT will ship if necessary.

For Sale locally as well.
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Meh sorry I haven't replied sooner. My mother-in-law got in today and the wife is looking for a new vehicle so that's been eating up my time.

Here's a stock photo (I'm sure you want to see the actual wheels though):

I can take pics of all 4 wheels and at the moment I am not looking to separate. The wheels are 22x9.5 with a +18 offset and a 5.96" backspace
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