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22x10 Boyd Shadows w/Nitto 420s

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Why are you guys getting rid of all the Boyd wheels?
haha i dont know, there great wheels and lighter than cast wheels. But i am lifting my truck so these gotta go.
ya i love them but i need something lifted again, i miss it.
Why are you guys getting rid of all the Boyd wheels?
things change in life, wether it's personal taste like him or financil issues like me.

it's just wheels, there will always be new and better ones anwyays.
Those would look so badass on my wifes white Tahoe
dont do it man.....35's w/ 22's IMFO
haha i never thought about that. Too big of wheel tho, i want to be able to go through the desert and not worry about them.
This ebay seller has had those and other styles for sale at really good prices. He has these and a few others right now, $1,800 for 24 inch billets is not bad at all.
thats who i bought mine off of and bought tires locally. im asking how much i have into it, im not trying to screw anyone over. I just want them gone.
dont be a sissy, go bigger 37's w/ 22's :naughty:
haha roll like a 10" lift on 37s would be sick. mmmm if only i had the money.
I'm a bad influence


how about we swap my 20's for your 22's, "I'll kick you in the nuts and we'll call it a day" <-----name the movie quoted
haha i was just in Vegas a week ago with my truck too. I will be back the end of August so you can kick me in the nuts haha
if someone only wants the wheels i will seperate. make an offer i need them outa my garage.
Nice wheels...I'm looking for some 22's but not at that price.
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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