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Silverado/TA said:
Hello Everyone,

I know this has probably been beat to death, but I'm new! I have a 2001 2500 ex cab LS with a 6.0 auto and 3:73 gears. It gets 12 mpg without a trailer and 9.5 with a 24 ft encolsed car trailer. I was going to get a Duramax, but with all of the incentives I can get an 04 crew cab 2500HD Lt with a 6.0 for $32k. The same truck with a Duramax will be around $42K. I can buy a lot of gas for the difference between the trucks. What seems to be the mileage with the crew cab trucks with the 4:10 gears. I would think it's probably worse.


I get about 11-12 avg. with my 01 HD w/ the 6.0 and 4.10 gears.
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