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2500hd options

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Friend of mine just bought an 04 2500HD Duramax. He also bought 20" rims with some 34.5" tires. With the offset of the rims he rubs just a tad with 1500 keys already cranked. He uses it for towing so it has a class 5 hitch on it, which is going to rule out a body lift. What other options does he have for clearance. I was curious about the Cognito leveling kit but I don't know if it will give him the clearance.
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the cognito will allow him to crank alittle more, but if his keys are maxed out it wont do no good, ive got green keys set at about 2-2.5" and ive still got alot more room to crank. the only other optioon other than a lift kit would be some bushwacker cutout flares.

wats the exact wheel specs? im kinda curious.
If he is cranked no more you can do. Get a lift is the only othe roption.
ultra thunder 20x10 -25 offset, and are green keys the same as the keys off a 1500?
I have indexed GM 2500 keys in mine from and my fenders sit at about 43 inches and it rides fine. Im clearing 315s on a stock rim just fine with just a little triming on the front bumper. No scrubbing at all.
what do you mean by indexed 2500 keys, do they offer more cranking room then green keys?
they are just green keys bought from somewhere difference...if it was me id find a rim with a positive offset
Definitely will need a rim with a positive offset of at least +10, probably even more. I think the 34.5" tires are going to be extremely difficult to fit on a stock truck. I would look into a 4-6" lift kit personally. I think the 34.5s will look too stuffed on a stock suspension.
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